World Maternal Mental Health Day

5 May 2021


On this day, maternal mental health activists, researchers, clinicians and people with lived experience come together to raise awareness and promote equal availability of mental health services for all women.

The World Maternal Mental Health Day (MMH Day) 2021 is aimed at raising awareness surrounding maternal mental health issues worldwide. The Riseup-PPD is an EU-funded COST Action dedicated to promoting women’s health in the peripartum period and to achieving a more standardized and unified approach in recognizing, treating, and preventing peripartum depression (PPD). It is an international, interdisciplinary network that joined forces to bring about changes in the field of perinatal mental health.

Riseup-PPD is proud to have become a global partner of the World Maternal Mental Health Day (WMMH Day) campaign to raise awareness and enforce changes in peripartum mental health. The key message of the campaign is that maternal mental health matters, and that women, as well as their family and friends, need to recognize the signs of maternal mental problems and that they are not alone. Each year more researchers, organizations and institutions are recognizing the importance of this day and coming together for this cause.

Show your support, sign the WMMH Day campaign’s petition to get official recognition of the World Maternal Mental Health Day and become part of social change! Let us join forces to ensure equal health care and support for pregnant and postpartum women.

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All Working Groups