Local Workshops

Local Workshops for Maternal Mental Health Week 2023

On May 26 2023, members of the Portuguese Riseup-PPD team organized a two-hour online webinar on Risk Assessment in Perinatal Mental Health: the Feasibility and Challenges of its Implementation, led by Professor Ana Fonseca from the University of Coimbra and Professor Stephanie Alves from Lusófona University, and with the participation of a Portuguese actress who shared her experience of postpartum depression. A total of 74 participants from the academia, general community and health professionals attended this webinar, which discussed the state of the art regarding risk factors for postpartum depression (PPD), the importance of its assessment for prevention of PPD in women at risk, presentation of the Portuguese version of an Inventory of Risk Factors for Postpartum Depression, and the implementation of PPD risk assessment from the perspective of healthcare professionals and patients (strategies, opportunities and challenges)

On 4 May 2023, members of the Croatian Riseup-PPD team organised a one-hour online webinar on Mental Health in Pregnant and Postpartum Women, led by Dr Sandra Nakić Radoš, Maja Žutić and Dr Maja Brekalo from the Department of Psychology at the Catholic University of Croatia. A total of 57 participants from the general community and health professionals attended this webinar. In the first part, the most common mental health problems in the peripartum period were outlined, with prevalence rates and symptoms, so people could learn how to recognise them. The second part was more practical, with advice and techniques for coping with them and protecting mental health. In the last part, we answered the participants’ questions on maternal mental health. Participants were highly satisfied with the webinar and evaluated it anonymously with an average score of 4.8 on a scale from 1 to 5, stating that the techniques were very useful and the webinar encouraging.

On June 6th 2023, members of the Institute of Neuroscience from Universidad Catolica de Cuenca, including Riseup-PPD member Johanna Pozo, organized a two-hour workshop titled: “Taking care of mom: workshop on maternal mental health”. The workshop described basic concepts on maternal mental health, as well as the impact of peripartum depression on the maternal and child brain. It also described techniques used to assess and support PPD, as well as some tools and strategies to help improve maternal mental health.  The workshop was held in a hybrid mode, and was attended by 16 people, which consisted of 13 women and 3 men. The participants were mainly psychology students, new parents and pregnant women

On May 23, members of the Polish Riseup-PPD team (Magdalena Chrzan-Dętkoś & Natalia Murawska) organized a one and half hour hybrid webinar on infant development and maternal mental health. With the title “Surprising Abilities of the Baby”, this webinar targeted parents of young children and pregnant couples. The event was organized during “Mother’s Day at Gdańsk University”, which also included breastfeeding consultations with midwives. During the lecture, 15 participants were online (zoom) and 20 participants attended in person. 

On May 30, Riseup-PPD members from Serbia organized a two-hour online workshop, led by Professor Katarina Savić Vujović (Faculty of Medicine, University in Belgrade) and Dr Ana Opanković, Psychiatry Specialist from Clinical Center Serbia. A total of 31 participants, attended the workshop, which discussed about recognition, symptoms, treatment of postpartum depression. It was organized for the general population. Participants also included women who suffered from postpartum depression and shared their experience with the remaining participants of the workshop. The average age of our participants was 35 years. Participants had a lot of questions about this topic. It was interesting to share our experience with participants.

Members of the Spanish Riseup-PPD team organized the following events: 1) On Thursday, 18 May 2023, members of the Spanish Riseup-PPD team organized a one hour online-workshop dedicated to Maternal Mental Health Week. Professor Emma Motrico, University Loyola Andalucia, discussed the importance of maternal mental health; Professor Rafael Caparros, University of Granada, presented the main risk factors and how to detect and diagnose perinatal mental health problems; Professor Maria de La Fé Rodriguez, National University of Distance Education, provided information about prevention and the health professionals who may help women with perinatal mental health problems; and Dr. Roser Palau Costafreda (Scientific Lead at Dana) informed about the resources available for mother and health professionals. A total of 68 participants assisted to the online workshop. 2) The team produced a video regarding the importance of maternal mental health and describe some results of the RiseupPPD- study. The link to the video is the following.