Working Group


The implementation of the Action is organized in six interdisciplinary WGs, responsible for developing the activities that will be ultimately defined by the MC and accepted by the COST Members in the Memorandum of Understanding. In particular, WG1 focuses on prevention and clinical interventions for PPD (evidence-based and new approaches), and its socioeconomic impact. WGs 2 and 3 will study of psychological assessment, genetic and epigenetic biomarkers and neuroimaging and neurophysiological assessment tools, and WG 4 aims at exploring the ethical specifications for research in PPD. WG 5 aims at working on the best data management and analysis strategies, and WG 6 at ensuring both a good visibility of the results and effective knowledge transfer. Members from different sectors and heterogeneous backgrounds will compose each WG, to allow the implementation of multidisciplinary efforts to drive the Action plans.