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Fonseca, A.*, Ganho-Ávila, A.*, Lambregtse-van den Berg, M.*, Lupatelli, A.*, Rodriguez-Muñoz, M. de la F.*, Ferreira, P.*, Radoš, S. N.*, & Bina, R.* (2020). Emerging issues and questions on peripartum depression prevention, diagnosis and treatment: A consensus report from the COST Action RISEUP-PPD. Journal of Affective Disorders.
Impact factor: 4.084
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Our Consensus Report

Fonseca, A., Ganho-Ávila, A., Lambregtse-van den Berg, M., Lupatelli, A., de la Fé Rodriguez-Muñoz, M., Ferreira, P., … & Bina, R. (2020). Emerging issues and questions on peripartum depression prevention, diagnosis and treatment: a consensus report from the cost action Riseup-PPD. Journal of Affective Disorders, 274, 167-173.

Peripartum depression [PPD] is a public health problem which has been widely studied. Nonetheless, study findings and clinical guidelines for PPD treatment differ among countries and the condition is still underdiagnosed and undertreated, suggesting the importance of a global understanding of PPD. The Riseup-PPD Cost Action aims to establish a Pan-European and multidisciplinary network of researchers dedicated to the global understanding of PPD.
A literature search was performed in different databases (e.g., Medline, PsychInfo) including a combination of terms related with PPD diagnosis, prevention, treatment and cost-effectiveness of its management. A narrative synthesis of the literature, together with a critical overview of the current issues/questions to be addressed within the topic of PPD were performed.
Emerging issues include challenges regarding definition and timing of PPD; heterogeneity in severity, timing of onset and assessment tools; comparative effectiveness of preventive and treatment interventions; help seeking for PPD; improving health professional’s awareness of PPD; and cost-effectiveness of PPD management.
The main limitation is the non-systematic nature of the literature search.
The Riseup-PPD network will deal with these challenges through four lines of action: (1)provide an updated and comprehensive synthesis of existing knowledge that can contribute to inform clinical recommendations and guidelines for PPD management; (2) clarify inconsistent findings concerning diagnosis, prevention and treatment of PPD; (3) develop new lines of research in the field of PPD; and (4) develop international recommendations for PPD diagnosis, prevention and treatment, ultimately influencing maternal mental health policymaking at global and local levels.