Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) are exchange visits in a host organization located in a different country than the country of affiliation by a Researcher or Innovator. STSMs aim at supporting individual mobility, strengthening existing networks and fostering international collaborations. STSMs should specifically contribute to the scientific objectives of the COST Action, whilst at the same time allowing the Grantees to learn new techniques, gain access to specific data, instruments and/or methods not available in their own institutions/organisations. At the same time, the Host expands its international contacts and develops long-lasting collaborations.

STSM grantees

Ana Isabel Gomes

“I did my STSM in Dresden, Germany, hosted by Professor Susan Garthus-Niegel and her research team. It was a great and enriching experience! I have learned more about postpartum depression major findings and pregnant women, mothers, and their family's needs, which was a helpful step in developing our idea for an intervention program. Their expertise in epidemiologic studies and tailored e-health intervention implementation were also precious to identifying common obstacles during participants’ recruitment, adherence and engagement, and possible solutions. I am very grateful for this learning experience! Thank you, Riseup-PPD, Professor Susan Garthus-Niegel, and team!”

Ana Maria Pereira

“Having the opportunity to carry out an STSM as an early career researcher was a unique experience. To have contact with a research team from a different country, learn about their projects and, uninterruptedly, develop an idea for a new project with the support of experienced researchers was irreplaceable. This learning and contact with a new culture was enriching not only professionally but also personally. Thank you Riseup-PPD, Professor Susan Garthus-Niegel and team!”