​​Working Group 6: Inclusiveness, Dissemination, and Public Engagement


Objectives: Implement the Action policies on gender and geographical representativeness; Disseminate and transfer findings from the Action to the scientific community, health practitioners/carers, women, families and communities. 

​Tasks: i) Monitor the implementation of gender and geographical balance throughout the Action; ii) Boost ECIs and ITCs participation and their inclusion in leadership positions; iii) Support the organization of all events of the Action (TSs, STSMs, meetings, workshops); iv) Coordinate the publication of the Action’s scientific outputs to the scientific community and health care professionals; v) Define, implement and monitor online and offline strategies of dissemination to the wider public, and health care professionals, promoting its involvement.

Milestones: Organize 2 International Conferences (years 3 and 4); Ensure gender and geographical balance (a minimum of 50% of the MC being composed by female members and a minimum of 50% of WGs’ leadership assumed by ECIs from ITCs); Extend the Action network, particularly to other COST ITCs, but also to Near Neighbour Countries (NNCs), and other International Partner Countries (IPCs) that may share expertise and good practices; Involve representatives of the end-users in each country (particularly through our members from international organizations); Organize open events for the wider public (satellite talks during the International Conferences); Participation in local media outreach programs. 

Deliverables: Publish the Action website, opening the intranet system to participants, publishing contents targeting health carers and general community (produce outreach materials and press notes, and ensure social media participation, (WG6); Report on the Action global knowledge transfer, dissemination and exploitation activities; Report on the effectiveness of the Action strategies regarding inclusion, and geographical and gender policies.

What have we achieved?

Click on the image below to download the report on the Action Global Knwledge Transfer, Dissemination and Exploitation activities.  

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