Leader: Bruno de Sousa (Portugal)
Co-Leader: Thomas Kneib (Germany)

Objectives: Promote a framework for quality of data and data sharing among participant countries; Explore data management and analysis strategies.

Tasks: i) Establish a framework to build a pan-European database in PPD, incorporating regulatory, legal, ethical and patient governance, to be adopted by in future research; ii) Define procedures on data quality control, and data collection and management in biostatistics; iii) Training of researchers in data management plans, central databases and statistical analysis; vii) Bridge biostatistics and mental health research, promoting intergroup abilities to foster translational and applied knowledge.

Milestones: WG Meetings; 1 TS for researchers (on data management and data analysis).

Deliverables: Establish the framework for a pan-European PPD database, according to the defined procedures on data quality control, data collection, and management.

All Working Groups

All Working Groups