Leader: Anna-Lisa Schuler (Italy)

​Former Leader: Chris Baeken (Belgium)
Former Co-Leader: Marie-Anne Vanderhasselt (Belgium)

Objectives: Establish the best approaches to study the neuronal underpinnings of PPD in women and the neural correlates of its impact in the newborn-infants.

Tasks: i) Synthesis of the best practices in neuroimaging and neurophysiological data acquisition and analysis; ii) Develop innovative methods of analysis for both structural and functional neuroimaging and for neurophysiological data in the field of PPD; iii) Training of researchers in neuroimaging and neurophysiological techniques to assess mothers and newborn-infants neurodevelopment; iv) Promote the inclusion of neuroimaging and neurophysiological standard techniques in future research projects developed in collaboration; v) Promote the inclusion of neuroimaging and neurophysiological measures to assess neurodevelopment in clinical settings; vi) Elaborate outputs to disseminate the achieved standards in neuroimaging and neurophysiological methods.

Milestones: WG Meetings; 2 STSMs (on neuroimaging, and on neurophysiology); 4 Workshops (2 on neuroimaging; 2 on neurophysiology); Successful implementation of standard neuroimaging and neurophysiological techniques.

​Deliverables: Report on the existing practices on brain imaging and neurophysiological assessment and recommended protocols/Standard Operating procedures (SOPs) for data acquisition (to produce compatible outputs among different geographical locations, age groups, and research projects for further data integration).

All Working Groups

All Working Groups