Leader: Ilaria Lega (Italy)
Co-Leader: Alkistis Skalkidou (Sweden)

Previous Leader: Colin Martin (UK)
Previous Co-Leader: Helena Moreira (Portugal)

Objectives: Appraise, develop and define standard procedures to: i) assess women diagnosed with PPD (pre- and post-treatment); ii) collect genetic and epigenetic biomarkers; iii) assess the impact of PPD in the newborn-infant development (0-12 months); iv) assess interpersonal functioning (the mother-baby dyad and the father-mother-baby triad). 

Tasks: i) Develop an overview of the current assessment procedures for the main players in PPD and their interactions, in multiple domains: cognition,, emotion, personality, autonomy, psychopathology, quality of life and interpersonal functioning; ii) Propose assessment standards for each intervenient and dimension; iii) Provide researchers and practitioners with training courses in (neuro)psychological assessment tools for women with PPD, the dyad mother-baby and the triad father-mother-baby; iv) Provide researchers and practitioners with training courses in the assessment of neurocognitive development of newborn-infants; v) Provide researchers with training courses in biomarkers; vi) Develop scientific outputs to disseminate achieved standards for each assessment target. 

Milestones: WG Meetings; 2 TSs for health professionals (on PPD clinical diagnosis and assessment, and on infant’s neurodevelopment assessment); 2 STSMs in assessment methods; 2 Workshops (1 for primary care professionals and 1 for undergraduate students).

​Deliverables: Publications on current trans-disciplinary assessment procedures and tools in Peripartum Depression Disorder; Proposals for concrete guidelines or input to standards for the assessment of each intervenient and dimension.

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All Working Groups