Leader: Rena Bina (Israel)
Co-Leader: Ana Uka (Albania)

Previous leaders
Leader (2021-2022)
: Sandra Nakić Radoš (Croatia)
Previous leader (2019-2021): Ana Fonseca (Portugal)
Previous Co-Leader (2019-2021): Sandra Nakić Radoš (Croatia)

Objectives: Synthesize current knowledge concerning diagnosis criteria and strategies for prevention and treatment of PPD, including knowledge about well-established interventions and new lines of research, its cost-effectiveness and organizational impact.
Tasks: i) Review the state-of-the-art concerning diagnosis criteria, prevention, and treatment; ii) Identify other knowledge gaps; iii) Combine the available evidence and address the gaps in the field ; iv) Discuss new research ideas aiming for coordinated future projects in collaboration, focusing on novel effective procedures needed to support decision making on the selection of cost-effective programs; v) Propose guidelines for prevention and clinical intervention; vi) Provide training to researchers and health professionals working in perinatal settings. 

Milestones: WG Meetings; 3 TSs for researchers in systematic reviews/meta-analysis, principles and practice in clinical trials, and cost-effectiveness analysis in health; 2 TSs for health professionals in prevention of perinatal mental health disorders, and evidence-based PPD interventions; 2 Short Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) in clinical training; 2 Workshops (1 for primary care professionals; 1 for undergraduate students); Identify the gaps in the field and discuss new future projects in collaboration 

Deliverables: Report addressing the definition and diagnosis criteria of PPD, current needs and future directions for prevention, management and treatment of Peripartum Depression Disorder (consensus); Publication of systematic reviews/meta-analysis results in prevention and treatment strategies for Peripartum Depression Disorder; Proposals for concrete regional guidelines for prevention, clinical diagnosis, and treatment of PPD.Dr Rena BINA

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All Working Groups