Main Meeting 1 Details

Dear Riseup-PPD Members,

Below you can find more information regarding the Main Meeting (which includes MC Meeting, Core Group Meeting, Working Group Meetings, and Workshops) to take place in Coimbra, Portugal, on 9-10 September 2019. Please read it carefully. Information about the Training School to happen between 11-13 September will be sent separately when the call is opened.

To all Riseup-PPD members

All of you should have received over the last few days invitations to attend the Main Meeting, stating which sessions you are invited to and whether or not you are eligible for reimbursement. Please accept or decline your invitations as soon as possible. If you are not coming, please do open the link you received and select decline. It would be very helpful for us to forecast the number of participants wishing to attend, calculate costs, etc. 

If you need anything from us you can give me a call to +351239247415 (lab landline, ask to speak with André) or just answer to this e-mail.

For those attending the meeting and eligible for reimbursement

All rules related to expenses are set by the COST Association (see attached document) but the maximum amounts to be reimbursed were altered by the Management Committee. They are the following:

  1. Participants must purchase plane tickets, reserve and pay for their accommodation, etc., and will be reimbursed afterwards by us after filling a form on e-COST until 10 October 2019 – please make sure your bank details are in your profile, otherwise you will not be able to be reimbursed;
  2. General COST reimbursement rules (simplified):
    1. Plane tickets must be purchased in economy class and the maximum amount to be reimbursed, according to the approved Work and Budget Plan, is 250 Euro total (return trip) – invoice with name of passenger, dates and itinerary is required;
    2. Car travel (to/from airport) is reimbursed at a rate of 20 cents per km (30 cents if traveling with another eligible member) – a Google Maps screenshot is required;
    3. Public transport is reimbursed in total with no maximum amount (this includes airport shuttle, city bus, etc.) – if for the total trip this is under 25 Euro, no invoices are required; if the total trip is over 25 Euro, all invoices are required;
    4. Taxi can only be used if no other means of transportation is available and during very specific hours (late evening, early morning) and is reimbursed up to a max. of 80 Euro total – an invoice with name of passenger and date is needed; it’s best to ask us first to pre-approve taxi expenses otherwise it may cause frustration as COST rules are very strict;
    5. Accommodation has a flat rate (no invoice required) of 80 Euro/night and participants are eligible to be reimbursed for all meeting days + 1 night (if you attend the meetings on both days, you will be reimbursed 240 Euro (3×80 Euro));
    6. Meals have a flat rate (no invoice required) of 10 Euro/meal;

For those attending the meeting regardless of reimbursement eligibility

  1. Venue: Meetings will take place in several rooms in two nearby buildings that belong to the Faculty of Psychology (GPS coordinates: 40°12’38.3″N 8°25’38.7″W). Their addresses are:
    1. Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences – Building 1 (Faculdade de Psicologia e Ciências da Educação – Edifício Um), Rua do Colégio Novo, 3000-115 Coimbra
    2. Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences – Building 3, Palace Sacadura Botte (Faculdade de Psicologia e Ciências da Educação – Edifício Três, Palácio Sacadura Botte, Rua dos Coutinhos, 3000-078 Coimbra)
  2. How to arrive
    1. From Porto’s Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport (closest):        – By Car: Leave the airport and head to VRI following the signs to Porto/Leixões/A4/Matosinhos. Then, take the A20/IP1/A1 towards Lisbon/Coimbra and take the exit towards Coimbra Centro/Este from A31/IC2. Distance (average duration): 132 Km (1h20min).        – By Train: Take the nearby Metro towards Estádio do Dragão (Line E) and leave at Campanhã. There, take a train to Coimbra (search for trains here: leaving in Coimbra or Coimbra B. If you leave in Coimbra B, you can take a free train to Coimbra and then walk or take a city bus to the venue, or take a city bus directly to the venue from there.        – By Bus/Shuttle: Take the Coimbra Airport Shuttle ( It will run between 50-60 Euro (round trip) and take around 1h30min to arrive.
    2. From Lisbon’s Humberto Delgado/Portela Airport:        – By Car: Head to the E1 and follow directions towards A1/E1 direction Coimbra/Porto. Take exit 12 for N341 towards Coimbra Sul/Taveiro/Alfarelos and then follow signs for Coimbra heading to A31/IC2 and then IP3/Porto/Coimbra Norte/Viseu. Distance (average duration): 198 Km (1h53min).        – By Train: Take the Metro towards São Sebastião (Red Line) and leave at Oriente. There, take a train to Coimbra (search for trains here: leaving in Coimbra or Coimbra B. If you leave in Coimbra B, you can take a free train to Coimbra and then walk or take a city bus to the venue, or take a city bus directly to the venue from there.        – By Bus: Take the Coimbra Airport Shuttle ( It will run between 65-72 Euro (round trip) and take around 2 hours to arrive.
    3. Within Coimbra, you can probably walk to the venue and hotels. However, you can take a city bus (there are many, but they are not yet available by searching Google Maps; we recommend the 30T and the 5, leaving at Jardim da Manga); 
  3. Accommodation: It’s best to search and book an accommodation there. We have decided to not offer an “official” list of places to allow participants to freely choose among the offer, but September is still very much high season in Coimbra and the whole of Portugal, so do try booking your room as soon as possible. Coimbra is a fairly small place so most hotels are within walking distance (although the city is terrible for walkers/bikers as roads are never flat). However, we have made a list of possible hotels and guesthouses:
    1. Stay Hotel**** (195 Euro/3 nights);
    2. TRYP Hotel**** (176 Euro/3 nights), in very high demand;
    3. Casas da Comédia (apartment) (250 Euro/3 nights);
    4. Tivoli Coimbra**** (250 Euro/3 nights);
    5. Vila Galé Coimbra**** (268 Euro/3 nights);
    6. Guest House Santa Clara (apartment) (207 Euro/3 nights);
    7. Riversuites (guest house) (300 Euro/3 nights).