Task-force “Perinatal mental health and COVID-19 pandemic”

In light of the unprecedented crisis brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, protocols for prenatal care and childbirth have been changing all over Europe. Currently, for safety reasons, new practices are being adopted by perinatal health care services that seem to contrast with respectful and supported birth and postpartum period, negatively impacting new mother’s mental health and consequently their newborns neurodevelopment.

In this uncertain time, perinatal mental health strategies need to be reshaped to mitigate the negative consequences of COVID-19 on women’s mental health. Riseup-PPD has a key role in what concerns the support of research activities in the field and therefore, we suggest the creation of a new Task Force “Perinatal Mental Health and COVID-19 pandemic” in order to develop activities and support initiatives towards the best practices in mental health that may mitigate the impact that COVID-19 risk management practices may have to women’s mental health.

This cross-cutting Task Force aims to: 1) Identify documents, protocols and policies from different countries concerning provision of safe care and mental health in delivery and the postpartum in face of COVID-19, in collaboration with Devotion Cost Action (CA18211); 2) Collect and select the best practices that could contribute to reduce the negative impact of COVID-19 safety measures (in health facilities) and promote mental health support to pregnant women, new mothers and their families ́; 3) Involve scientific and professional societies from different fields at national and international level; 4) Support the development of research activities aimed at evaluating and promoting women’s needs in terms of mental health practices and health care services; and 5) Support the development of research activities aimed at evaluating the impact of these practices on quality of parenting and child developmental outcomes.


Leader: Emma Motrico (Spain)
Co-Leader: Ana Mesquita (Portugal)
Members: Ethel Felice (Malta), Vera Mateus (Brazil), Alessandra Bramante (Italy), Mauro Mauri (Italy), Sandra Nakic (Croatia), Goce Kalcev (North Macedonia).

Website: https://momsduringcovid.org/